My Story

Krista Allen is a celebrated actress and comedian turned transformational recovery & psychospiritual coach working in the field of complex trauma and addiction. After 25 years of going down a rabbit hole in the “system” and getting more sick, with well intentioned but ill informed psychiatrists, therapists and rehabs, Krista made a life changing decision to become an advocate for her personal recovery by becoming a mental health detective. She spent years studying and learning how to uncover her brain and mind connection to her body. Her mission was to discover what caused her continual health issues, that doctors could not pinpoint, and her inability to regulate emotionally in her day to day. It all came down to unresolved and invalidated childhood trauma that kept her in a repetitive cycle of abuse and self loathing, most of her life. During this time, Krista began to speak around the country at shelters and safe houses for run aways, and, in her spirit of levity, helped children and adults in telling their story by teaching them stand up comedy and letting them perform. The results were mind blowing and transformational. Krista continued her studying and healing as she worked in TV and Films, yet still had an immense passion support individuals through their dark nights of the soul. After her own experience with deeper clarity, and having been asked to facilitate over 100 ceremonial shaman led retreats, Krista got certified as a psychedelic integration coach, working with long term addicts and alcoholics who are at the end of their rope, and many suicidal. She works with doctors and therapists to assist patients in holistic healing and lasting life changes through transformational experiences. Krista is also an Epigentics trainer. She looks at genetic data, through a System’s approach that looks at your history and experiences as well as the cutting edge research from genome wide association studies, to figure out which lifestyle modifications her clients can adopt in order to optimize their health and help them become more resilient to stressors and aging and addictions. While our genes influence our health, they do not determine our health. The field of Epigenetics has shown us that lifestyle and environmental factors can change the ways our genes express themselves. So, while we may have some genes that make us susceptible to certain illnesses, that does not mean we are absolutely going to get those illnesses. Our lifestyle factors and thoughts about ourselves and the world around us have a big impact on whether those genes get turned on and expressed, or are turned off and left unexpressed. Krista uses different modalities, tailor made to each client to help them optimize mind, body, and spirt. Most recently, Krista has been working on a Neurotransmitter Panel that analyzes genes that are associated with disorders of neurotransmitter metabolism, receptors, and transporters. She is working with doctors and mental health professionals to educate them on the hazards of SSRI’s and other Rx drugs and the negative effects that most doctors don’t know when prescribing medication. Since her own recovery, she has been a trailblazer in the mental health community, especially in the world of alcohol and drug addiction, supporting others to free themselves from their damaging thoughts of themselves and the world due to their unhealed traumas, conditions from society, and their personal, social and spiritual environment. In Krista’s coaching, she gently guides others out of their familiar prison of assumptions and her clients gain awareness of how their unhealed story profoundly affects their inner world.

"You either take control of your mind  or it takes control of you. It’s that simple."

My Mission

My mission is to help others to transform their minds through understanding the root causes. It is my goal to assist others in their journey to recovery by helping them to understand life doesn't has to defeat you, but you can redirect your destiny by learning techniques and tools that will transform the mind.

I am reaching back to those in the world of alcohol and drug addictions, and supporting others to free themselves from their damaging thoughts of themselves and the world due to their unhealed traumas, conditions from society, and their personal, social and spiritual environment.