Coaching Sessions

30 minute consult- FREE (FaceTime, Duo, Signal, WhatsAp, Skype, or Zoom)

if you decide to continue, I’ll discount $50 from your first paid session.


1 hour Coaching- $150

6 Session Package- $750

(One Session Free!)

12 session package - $1500

(Two Sessions Free)


Each KA Sesh includes a dose of follow-up love, so you can track your progress:


 Inspo Notes: What we’re working on, and where you’re going.

Each KA Session includes a dose of follow-up love, so you can track your progress:


Inspo Notes: What we’re working on, and where you’re going.


Deep Dives: These in-between session exercises come from your own epiphanies on each call. They are tools for you to go deeper.

Depending on where you are in your recovery journey, I’ll personalize each one specifically for you. There is no one size fits all coaching. 


Voxer Access: When things come up for you that you need to process or gain a deeper insight into any particularly problematic or puzzling questions or issues you may have. Get full “walkie-talkie” style Q&A access to be able to access me as your mental health, nutrition concierge whenever you would like. Here’s how it works: using a very simple app called “Voxer,” which is basically like a walkie-talkie app for your phone, you’ll be able to ask me over text or audio questions, whenever you would like. I'll then conveniently reply to you within 24-48 hours. 



You ready?  


Email here -












You  had "one of those days"… and  you just realized it’s been your whole life!


Your mental and physical health is highly questionable these days.


You think you might  have unhealed childhood trauma that keeps you stuck in a toxic cycle of abuse.

Either to yourself (anorexia, bulimia, addiction, isolation) - or, by someone close to you (mental, physical, emotional)


You feel like friends and/or family are sick of your complaining, and you feel invalidated.


You really want to understand your  body and brain,  the way it all works together , and want learn how to advocate for your own health.


You have had it with your judgey therapist.


You haven’t seen  much benefit with  green juice cleanse’s to align your chakras  or burning sage during a full moon.


You pretend you’re okay all the time and only feel some relief when you get home,  and shut the door behind you.


You life has become unmanageable and you need real support.


“I’m Fine” is your biggest lie,




Email here -  GoodShiftHappens@Gmail.con




 I found myself in all off those scenarios at one point in my life. I was  fed up with single minded therapists who worked solely form The DSM5 and guru’s that took themselves and their ideology too serious. I was constantly  in and out of doctors office’s with mysterious health issues, and felt I had no support, no hope, and I was getting more sick.

There was so much information out there, on healing from trauma, new science claims of health and wellness, and well intentioned humans in various fields of the health space who had a lot of IG buzz, but really didn’t know what they were doing, 


I decided it was up to me to advocate for my own physical and mental health.




 I stopped everything I was doing and started educating myself on the effects of complex trauma and how it manifests in the body, brain and mind.  What my body specifically needed to be at my optimum peak, and how to regulate all those emotions that had been stirring deep inside me for so long.

I thoroughly studied Neuroscience and Neuroplasicty modalities while also studying  Epigenetics-  Epigenetics is a mix of genetics and environment- I work with DNA panels to support nutrition, sleep, hormones, stress and most recently, neurotransmitters - 

 I wanted to find a way to put it all together, the mental and physical and spiritual aspects of everything I was searching to find answers for and began to really understand how my childhood trauma affected how I saw the world, how my body responded it it. I came face to face with how I had manifested some pretty unfortunate circumstances throughout my adult life.- Most people would be horrified, I got inspired.

Through the process of uncovering some incredible life hacks on how to heal,  I learned what works, what doesn’t and why most people (like myself) can’t break free.

 I became fascinated and certified with many different modalities of healing, including enthogenic medicine, and found the path to freedom that I had been searching for, and began to accept invitations to share my methods globally and lend my voice and experience to support others. I am active in psychedelic therapy research and funding studies for the treatment and recovery in addiction and mental health. 


 I was recently gifted an incredible opportunity to start a coaching practice, so I could support others with my work.

In this, I am also able to start a non- profit, to raise money and outreach for those who need mental health or integration support, but can’t afford it. 

All I have to do is  to share all my juicy nuggets of wisdom with other struggling humans, just like you, or someone you know, who are wanting to create some truly magical fulfillment in their lives.


If you’ve ever  asked yourself “What the F*CK is wrong with me?” … at any point in your life-

- Let’s talk.

You can be a world renowned shaman or a newbie just starting on your self discovery mission.


I work fast, I work deep, and I work with you, from where you are on your healing journey.


How Much?


I work with clients on sliding scales, when necessary.

No one should  be without support because of lack of funds.  EVER.

(I’ve been there, it sucks)

I believe it all comes back around.

* Should you chose a sliding scale option, I only expect that you pay it forward for someone else in need,  when you can.