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Krista is a sought after actor who has been in the field of acting for over 20 years, who has now entered into the world of Health and Wellness. She has been seen and heard on NBC's Days of Our Lives, Baywatch, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Friends, and Two and a Half Men, just to name a few. She also was seen on Steve Harvey and she starred in the title role of the CW comedy, Significant Mother. She's been on magazine covers as well as radio shows. 

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Epigentics Trainer

Krista is also an Epigentics trainer. She looks at genetic data, through a System’s approach that looks at your history and experiences as well as the cutting edge research from genome wide association studies, to figure out which lifestyle modifications her clients can adopt in order to optimize their health and help them become more resilient to stressors, aging, and addictions.

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G.G.~ Calabasas, CA

“I have spent my entire life thinking that I was not smart or capable. I put myself in many abusive relationships and was a trophy wife to a famous Hollywood producer for 12 lonnnng years. I was addicted to wine and xanax and had suicidal thoughts more often than not. My best friend bought me a package of 6 with Krista. After the first session, I felt like I was coming out of a 42 year fog. I am so grateful for K’s work. I found courage to step into my scariest places, and she came with me, holding the light. She helped get my health on track and hooked me up with some of the most amazing doctors in the neuroscience field and taught me so much about my epigenetics and supplements - and, she has genius anti-aging beauty tips and tricks that blew my mind. Krista is a a full course meal in a world of fun size candy.”

Imani C.~ Atlanta, GA

“ I heard about Krista from my sister! I’ve been in the self-help/self improvement world for a VERY long time. I think I’ve enrolled in every spiritual and manifesting course ever made., I had a rough pandemic depression and found myself again, lost. I thought I was so flawed because as much as I wanted to “get it” I couldn’t understand why I still felt a painful heaviness in my life.  And, that not just form the 35 pounds I gained this last year! Krista works on every aspect of mind, brain, body, and soul. I got more out of 6 sessions with Krista, the I did in 5 years of talk therapy and thousands in workshops combined.”

Mike Levin ~ Brooklyn, NY

“Krista helped me dive deep into some things I was terrified to look at. All the things I’ve been running away from my whole life. I have a new perspective on who I am, I am in a loving relationship with an amazing woman, and I’m not angry anymore. L-I-F-E changing.

Julia Benson~ Houston, TX

“I met Krista, like most of her clients, by word of praising mouths - My co-worker actually went to her first and couldn’t stop raving. I saw my friend’s life changing so I pulled the trigger and called Krista. Within 10 minutes she had my mind blown. I’m still a client and I love me some KA!

Davido R. Los Angeles, CA

“If you’re not ready to change your life, do not call Krista. She is the most no BS person I know, and also really wise. Working with her is like having a therapist and a spiritual healer and nuerohacker and a college professor all in one"


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